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Mile High Flea Market will be open for Shoppers between November 13th and 15th, 2020
It is one of the largest flea markets in the U.S

November 6, 2020: The flea market reopened by following a comprehensive plan for the market that includes enhanced cleaning, line distancing, capacity restrictions, shields at point of sale locations, signage encouraging safety practices and several other things.

The flea market requested everyone to wear a mask or proper face covering while at the market. There will be no live music or entertainment at this time. Rides will remain closed until further notice.

The booths at the flea market will be featuring furniture, games, grocery, home decor, footwear, antiques, audio systems, baby apparel, bath supplies, blankets, cell phone accessories, cosmetics, electronics, flags, jackets, military surplus and much more.

The flea market timings are:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 7am to 5pm

It is located at:
7007 East 88th Ave. (I-76 & 88th)
Henderson, CO 80640


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